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Development of robotics, mechatronics and prototyping

Fora Robotics




As for development, our company provides a whole range of services, which includes the development of the concept, the creation of design and design documentation, as well as the selection of electronic components.


We manufacture parts on 3D printers of our own design. If necessary, laser cutting can be used. Also we have a modern milling machine with CNC control for metal processing.


We perform the selection of electronic components of any complexity, taking into account the needs of the customer, ensure the compatibility of all the components of the electrical circuit, provide a performance check.


Opportunities of Fora Robotics company allow performing both prototype production and production of small series. All parts are manufactured using modern high-tech equipment.



Printing technology: FDM / FFF (All kinds of plastic for 3D printer).
Number of printheads: 2 (for FDM).
Type of plastic used: PLA, ABS, Nylon, Capron, HIPS, etc. D = 1.75mm.
The size of the print area: 500 * 520 * 750mm (for printing one head), 467 * 520 * 750mm (for printing with two heads).
Positioning accuracy on the XY axis: 0.013mm
Positioning accuracy in the Z axis: 0.0001mm
The diameter of the nozzles: 2 to 0.5 mm or 0.2 plus 0.5 mm. (Nozzles are exchangeable from 0.2 to 0.5 mm)
The working temperature of the extruders is 110-275 ° C.
Print speed: 10-100mm / s (recommended 65-75mm / s)


Main characteristics:
Wind speed: stragivaniya / working / max - 3 / 5-25 / 40 m / s
Rated power: generator / solar modules - 10 kW / 1.8 kW
Overall dimensions: height with the pick-up device / stator diameter / rotor diameter - 17830/4185/2000 mm
Range of phase voltage variation of the generator: 40-400 V
Rotor speed: working / nominal / limiting: 20-200 / 150/300 rpm

Robot Columbine

Height of 120 cm. Can move, move your hands, you can display advertising information on the display. It looks futuristic and effective. Can say what to put in it. There is no artificial intelligence by default. Moves on the wheelbase. The face is motionless, but in the vicinity of the mouth, during the conversation, the light illuminates, imitating the opening of the mouth.

It is possible to add an almost unlimited set of functionalities.

Any robots can be made on demand.

HR Robot Polygraph Truebot

Android robot with a height of 1.8 m.
Movable upper body: hands (optional), head, eyes, jaw.
The robot sits in a chair, conducts testing and interviews. He follows the person's view, asks questions independently.
The developed algorithm consists of two parts. The first part (voice test) lasts 40 minutes, the second (visual test) - 6.
The robot himself asks questions to the interlocutor and, thanks to special software, determines the veracity of the answers and the psychological profile of the respondent. 

Robotic stand 1.6 m for sale or security

Moves around the shopping center, shop, exhibition, airport and so on. The rack is equipped with a microphone, speaker, camera and three monitors.

The operator remotely controls the rack from any place, communicates with visitors.

Thanks to the futuristic design of the rack, as well as its uniqueness (nowhere such does not exist yet), it will attract the attention of visitors or the media.


Aleksandr Kuznetsov


Moscow Aviation Institute, specialty - rocket science.

1. FSUE GKNPTs im. M.V. Khrunicheva
2. Acoustic Institute named after academician N.N. Andreeva.
3. "Fora 3D" - co-founder, engineer.
Awarded the Medal of the Russian Engineering Academy "Engineering Glory".

Pashin Sergey


Moscow Aviation Institute, specialty - rocket science.

1. FSUE GKNPTs im. M.V. Khrunicheva
2. "Fora 3D" - co-founder, engineer.
Recognized as the best rationalizer of 2010 in the Khrunichev Space Center.

Zachesov Roman


State University of Management, specialty - international business

1. Head of the technical department in the company "Robots City Amsterdam".
2. Hardware Engineer at Lightech.
3. "Fora 3D" - Co-founder, purchase of components, developer of electronics.

Burakov Anton

Press Secretary, Public Relations

International University in Moscow: diplomas of economist and specialist in management.

1. PR Director of RosGame ..
2. Specialist for public relations of software developer MadScale.
3. The director of advertising and PR in the company "Staff Empire".

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